A solvent based compound used to join steel threaded pipe joints. It is a premixed joint compound that comes in a paste form with an easy to use brush applicator. STAG Jointing Paste has a wide field of applications and is especially effective in the following

  • Water oil and gas pipelines
  • Oil immersed switches, transformers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) connections
  • Extensively used in fire protection installations


A premium product that remains elastic after forming a mold with the threads. If some of the threads are damaged it forms part of the pitch to create a seal that will not leak. For use of sealing the face of weld on flanges. 



Ensure the surfaces are clean and dry and free from oil for optimal adhesion. Apply STAG Jointing compound to the threads. Allow 8 hours drying time before exposing the joints to normal serviceable conditions. For extra strength can be used in conjunction with hemp. If the product dries out in the container add a small amount of methylated spirits and mix. 



Red Oxide Paste.
Available in 500gm plastic container



•  Causes eye damage.
•  Harmful if swallowed
•  Causes skin irritation
•  If swallowed or splashed in eye, flush with generous amounts of clean water.
•  Store and use in temperatures below 40 Deg Celsius.
•  Use in a well-ventilated area.
•  Store well away from children, pets and untrained personal. 
•  Ensure product is firmly sealed after use.
•  May cause dizziness if inhaled.
•  Product is flammable.
•  Store away from sources of ignition and naked flames
•  Highly Flammable