Single pack water based high performance waterproofing coatings

Designed to give superior water resistance and flexibility coupled with good outdoor exposure.

Can be used on most roofing systems with or without membrane.

*available with built in fiber for good reinforcement

Can be used on walls and roofs

Also available in reflecting silver

Free from lead, formaldehyde and apeo surfactants

Product description – durable water based premium quality water proofing coating with excellent water repelling properties

•  Premium quality water based low voc, low odour, environmentally friendly, highly durable water proofing coating with excellent exterior durability, easy to apply and improved drying
•  Available in white, clear, silver and grey


Typical waterproofing applications:

•  New interior and exterior walls
•  Wood, metal, cement-based substrates
•  Surfaces using brush, roller or spray applications to yield a medium sheen finish with high durability

Additional applications include:

•  The white and the clear may be tinted to a wide range of pastel and deep colour using gravimetric or volumetric dispensing or water based or universal tints. Maximum colour addition 10% by weight

TDS and MSDS available on request