Premium quality solvent based 2 k top coats designed to be applied directly to prepared metal systems.

Good corrosion resistance and adhesion without the need for primers.

Gloss white and black available colours available upon request

Product description –  2k 600 – line automotive paint system is a high-quality solvent based two component polyurethane top coat system suitable for use with a variety of recommended hardeners that maybe used with or without a suitable primer to cater for a wide range of climatic conditions and substrates

Application areas/suggested uses – DTM 2k 600 – line has been developed for the commercial transport market, it is ideally suited for the traditional vehicle repair market and for the painting or refinishing of trucks, buses, tractor, trailers, coachwork, tankers, forklifts and other large vehicles where a long lasting superior finish is required. This product possesses ideal application properties to give excellent flow, film build and gloss with no yellowing or recoating problems

TDS and MSDS available on request