DUCO 300


High solid single pack solvent based top coats

Suitable for general metal work and furniture applications where ease of use and economy is important.

DUCO 300 gloss – from – the – gun finishes are high quality automotive paint products for refinishing all types of cars and commercial vehicles

Application areas/suggested uses – these lacquers are a blend of nitrocellulose and synthetic resins. The nitrocellulose content, gives rapid drying. The synthetic resin content produces the high build, gloss-from-the-gun and gloss retention. DUCO 300 dries by evaporation of solvents only. As the initial rate of solvent evaporation is extremely rapid, so is the speed of the surface dry. However, some solvent is retained for a longer period, for full dry and hardness, 16 hours drying time is needed. DUCO 300 lacquer may be force-dried or low-baked at temperatures of up to 70’c, adequate flash-off time must be allowed to avoid popping. The final appearance of the paint film depends on the use of high quality thinners and spray gun

TDS and MSDS available on request