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The Wetsuit System consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions used throughout the building envelope that meet specific roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier requirements. All of our fluid applied, seamless membranes are water based, cold applied, have no VOC's and are class A self-extinguishing fire rated,

The WetSuit Product carries a 15 year maintenance free Guarantee.

  • Roofs
    • Concrete
    • Iron Sheeting
    • Green Roofs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Ponds
    • Fountains
    • Concrete Dams
  • Encapsulating Asbestos
  • Air & Vapour Barriers

For more information please go to www.wetsuitwaterproofing.co.za

The WetSuit System

WetSuit 2-Part os a cold spray applied instant set membrane which is catalyzed to form a seamless, waterproofing membrane
WetSuit 1-Part is similar to WetSuit 2-Part but is not catalyzed and has a slower cure time. This product is self-levelling and best used on uneven surfaces. It can be sprayed, brush or roll applied.
WetSuit undercover is a single component, medium viscosity, material used exclusively underneath the WetSuit System to pre-strip joints, penetrations, or detail transitions.
WetSuit Trowel has the waterproofing characteristics of the 1 and 2-Part products, but is thicker. Ideal for patching cracks, voinds, and penetrations

WetSuit Fiber Trowel has strands of chopped fiberglass premixed into the material. Trowel with fiber cures into a strong, reinforced patch to be used in detail areas or cracks where alot of movement is anticipated
Invisilink is a lightweight yet super durable contouring seam fabric used with WetSuit 1-Part or Undercover to reinforced joints, cracks or seams.

For more information please go to www.wetsuitwaterproofing.co.za
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